Lecture Notes for ClarinetMike Presentation at Texas Clarinet Colloquium 2017!

ClarinetMike says, "come to my presentation at the FREE Clarinet Colloquium. What a Deal!"

ClarinetMike says, “Come to my presentation at the FREE Clarinet Colloquium. It’ll be FUN!”

Below are the Lecture Notes for my presentation on the upcoming Texas Clarinet Colloquium 2017 at Texas A&M University-Commerce on Saturday, February 18, 2017. (An easy-to-print PDF of the my Lecture Notes is available HERE.)   My presentation on music preparation and performance will be at 1 pm.

GO FOR IT! Master Class and Workshop on Music Preparation and Performance
Dr. Michael Dean “ClarinetMike”
“Building Great Clarinetists”
BG France Performing Artist
Clarinet Performing, Teaching and Consulting
clarinetmiketexas@yahoo.com * 682-888-7639
clarinetmike.com * clarinetmike.wordpress.com

Description: Michael Dean will work with master class participants on upgrading their music preparation and performance. Topics covered will include practice techniques, performance anxiety, practice routine, basics and scales, and more! This is a “How to Do It” workshop geared toward high school and junior high school students and teachers; however, the information will be useful to all.  All attendees are encouraged to bring their clarinets to the class

I. Intro
A. It’s All About Music – So, How Can I Help My Students Play Music Better?
1. Basics (ARTC, A = Think = How to Prepare Music, etc.)
2. Style (Esp. Romantic Period)

B. Key Concept: Loading/Unloading [Frank R. Wilson]
1. Illustrations: Shoelaces, Brushing Teeth, Dynamics, “Performance Tone”
2. Two Applications of Loading/Unloading
a. “The quality of the Unloading is based on the quality of the Loading.”
*** “Load only accurate information.”***
b. “Perform as much as possible from the Unloading Area.”
*** “Go For It”– “Make MUSIC!”***

II. Practice Routine
A. Basics (ARTC)
B. Scales
C. Music

III. Practice Techniques (with Demo)
A. Rhythm-Notes or Rhy-No
B. “Feed The Rhy-No!”
C. The Fast Way! (works great inside of Rhy-No)
D. Double Articulation (same)
E. Count Aloud
F. Note Grouping
G. Air Thru The Notes

IV. Performance Anxiety
A. Common Sense: Bananas, Sleep/Exercise/Diet, Check Clothes, Do IT!

V. Questions and Answers (formal and informal)

VI. Further Resources: ClarinetMike Blog, ClarinetMike.com, Call, Text or Email Me, etc.

About ClarinetMike

Carnegie Hall, Eastman, Royal Northern College of Music, NACWPI, and ClarinetFest recital and master class appearances headline Dr. Michael Dean’s extensive and versatile career. He is featured on four commercial CD’s: Mysteries, Desertscape: New Music for Clarinet, Woodwind Music of Robert Fruehwald, Vol. 1, and Red Mesa Trio. Two more CD releases featuring Michael Dean are upcoming: a second CD of Fruehwald's music for woodwinds (Vol. 2) (2014/15) and a new solo CD, Postcards from Silver Lake (2015/16).... He has performed with the Southwest Symphony Orchestra, Nevada Symphony Orchestra, Abilene Philharmonic Orchestra, Garland Symphony Orchestra, Mesquite Symphony Orchestra, Southeast Chamber Players, and the Red Mesa Trio. He recently performed for 11 years with the Paducah Symphony Orchestra.... His articles have appeared in journals such as Southwestern Musician, WINDPLAYER, NACWPI Journal, and The Bandmasters' Review. As "ClarinetMike," he actively writes for his own widely-read clarinet blog, clarinetmike.wordpress.com.... Michael Dean is an active clarinet performer, teacher, and consultant based in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas Metroplex. He was recently a tenured Associate Professor of Clarinet for 11 years at Southeast Missouri State University. He returned to his native Texas in 2012 due to family illness. He maintains a large private clarinet studio in L.D. Bell Cluster (HEB) and Grapevine-Colleyville. He is a past president and former National Board officer of the National Association of College Wind and Percussion Instructors (NACWPI).... Dr. Michael Dean studied clarinet performance at Texas Tech University, the University of Colorado at Boulder, the University of Texas at Austin, and the University of Texas at Arlington. His web page, clarinetmike.com, features video and audio of his teaching and performing as well as information on his CD's and other publications. He lives in Hurst, Texas with his wife, two children, and golden retriever, Andy.
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