ClarinetMike Recital at Tarleton State University on Thursday, November 17!


Dr. Michael Dean “ClarinetMike”

I’ll be giving a recital at Tarleton State University on Thursday, November 17, 2016 at 7:30 pm with a clarinet master class in the afternoon. Admission is FREE! Program and Program Notes are below.

Tarleton State University
Clyde H. Wells Fine Arts Center Theatre
Stephenville, Texas
Thursday, November 17, 2016, 7:30 pm
Admission is Free
More Information HERE

Michael Dean, clarinet
Heather Hamilton, piano


Summer Sunrise on the Mississippi (clarinet & cd) (2009)…….Robert Fruehwald (b. 1957)

Distant Voices (clarinet & cd) (2011)………………………………………………….Robert Fruehwald

Andy and Me (clarinet & cd) (2006)…………………………………………………..Robert Fruehwald


Just A Thought (clarinet & piano) (2010)…………………………………….. James Grant (b. 1954)

“Bittersweet” (from Chocolates) (clarinet & piano) (2010)……………………………James Grant

Half Moon at Checkerboard Mesa (clarinet & cd) (1997)…..Phillip Kent Bimstein (b. 1947)

Program Notes

Summer Sunrise on the Mississippi by Robert Fruehwald

There is an eloquence of silence…fruehwald
There is a haunting sense of loneliness…
The tranquility is profound, infinitely satisfying.

That is all beautiful, soft and rich and beautiful,
A pink flush, a powder of gold, a purple haze.

from Life on the Mississippi by Mark Twain

“I teach music composition and theory at Southeast Missouri State University. Every day, when walking home, I would see a glint of blue through the trees on the horizon. For many months, I thought I was seeing the sky. Then, one day, I saw a stern-wheel steamboat squarely in the middle of that patch of blue – what I had been seeing was the Mississippi River. Every day after that, I would watch the river and observe its moods. It’s been my daily companion ever since. Recently, our music department at Southeast Missouri moved from the main university campus to a new one on the banks of the Mississippi. Now I observe the river up close. I see different things every day.

I decided to write a piece about the river, a piece that expresses its mood on a warm day, early in the morning, just as my own day would begin. I looked to Mark Twain for some lyrics and found a suitable passage in his Life on the Mississippi (published the year before The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn).  I thought Twain’s words would make a great basis for a song, and I think that someday they will; however, instead of a vocal work they inspired me to write this instrumental solo. When I recorded the river sounds on the CD accompaniment, I put the microphone right down on the Mississippi River (at Cape Girardeau, Missouri). I also recorded some other nearby sounds: birds, cicadas, a passing train, etc.” Robert Fruehwald

Summer Sunrise on the Mississippi was commissioned by Michael Dean. He premiered it on his October 2009 tour of universities in Florida. It is on the CD, Woodwind Music of Robert Fruehwald, Vol. 1 – available at, and for purchase and download. The sheet music and CD accompaniment for Summer Sunrise is available for free download at Robert Fruehwald’s bio and contact information are available at

Distant Voices by Robert Fruehwald

Distant Voices was originally composed for flute, oboe, clarinet, and CD. This new version for clarinet and CD was commissioned by Michael Dean. He premiered it on his 2011 tour of Arizona, California and Nevada.

“Years ago I became fascinated by the idea that sounds from long ago could be preserved. I read an article about Richard Woodbridge III, who was supposed to have extracted sound from 6,500-year-old Mesopotamian pottery. The recording was supposed to be scratchy and indistinct, but it was supposed to contain the sound of a potter’s wheel in addition to vocal sounds. I have never been able to track the recording down, I’m not even sure whether the recording is real or a hoax. Still, the idea of the thing is evocative and it gave me the idea for a piece—Distant Voices.

Most of the piece is based on recordings made more than a hundred years ago. These include the sound of a choir of thousands singing Handel in London’s Crystal Palace on June 29, 1888, a bit of Brahms, a concert band circa 1900, an advertisement for an Edison phonograph, and the voice of Edison himself. The end of Distant Voices was inspired by the Mesopotamian recording. It contains noise, with faint vocal sounds. The very end of the piece includes the most distant sound of all, the sound of the Huygens space probe flying through the atmosphere of Saturn’s moon, Titan.” Robert Fruehwald

Distant Voices is on the CD, Woodwind Music of Robert Fruehwald, Vol. 2 – available at, and for purchase and download.  The sheet music and CD accompaniment for Distant Voices is available from the composer at

Andy and Me by Robert Fruehwald

Andy and Me is a whimsical look at the relationship between Mike and the newest addition to his family, Andy. The sounds on the CD accompaniment represent (and feature) Andy in a kind of conversation with the clarinet music played by Mike.” Robert Fruehwald

Andy and Me was commissioned by Michael Dean. He premiered the work at Southeast Missouri State University in Cape Girardeau, Missouri in December of 2006. Andy and Me is on Michael Dean’s CD, Desertscape: New Music for Clarinet – available at,, and The sheet music and CD accompaniment for Andy and Me is available from the composer at

Just A Thought by James GrantJames Grant

“Just A Thought is the third of four recital pieces commissioned by and dedicated to 78 adventure-seeking tubists representing 30 states and three countries, who fearlessly joined the 2001 Solstice/Equinox Commissioning Consortium. As each Solstice and Equinox approached during the year 2001, a new piece was sent out to the participants. All four pieces now exist in versions scored for virtually every orchestral and band instrument and are programmed frequently at conferences and on student and faculty recitals throughout the year. Just A Thought is a gentle, lyrical ballad that, in the end, is just a thought.'” James Grant

“Bittersweet” (from Chocolates) by James Grant

“Slow Jazz. Chocolates are jazzy torch songs in the tradition of the passionate, tuneful ballads of the American 40s and 50s. Chocolates was commissioned by and is dedicated to violist Michelle La Course. The first Chocolate served here, “Bittersweet,” offers a soulful narrative that speaks to devotion, poignancy, romance, uncertainty and longing.” James Grant

James Grant’s bio and the sheet music for Just A Thought and “Bittersweet” are available at

Half Moon at Checkerboard Mesa by Phillip Kent Bimstein

“On a summer night several years ago, not far from my home in Southern Utah, an unsuspecting group of frogs sang by a slickrock waterhole up a narrow side canyon in Zion National Park. Little did they know their voices would soon be heard on concert stages all across the world and on the Internet. And they certainly never expected to share the bill with chirping crickets, howling coyotes, and a classical musician.

But I was hiding nearby and had stealthily placed a microphone and a digital recorder at the edge of the waterhole. I also recorded the sounds of coyotes, crickets, rocks, thunder, and the rushing waters of the Virgin River. After transferring these natural sounds into my computer, I shaped and arranged them on my synthesizer keyboard. Finally, I orchestrated the sounds into a piece of music for tape, and wrote an accompanying score for a live musician to interact with the natural sounds.” Phillip Kent Bimstein

Bimstein composed Half Moon at Checkerboard Mesa as a part of his three-year Meet The Composer residency, which celebrates the landscapes of Southern Utah.  It was originally written for Sierra Winds’ oboist Stephen Caplan, who premiered the work in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1997.

Bimstein arranged Half Moon at Checkerboard Mesa for clarinet for Michael Dean in 1998. Dean premiered the clarinet version at the NACWPI National Symposium at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana in January of 1999. He recorded Half Moon at Checkerboard Mesa on his Red Mesa Trio CD – available at The work has also been arranged for other solo instruments such as horn, trombone, bassoon, flute, and violin. Bimstein’s bio and the sheet music and CD accompaniment for Half Moon at Checkerboard Mesa are available at

About ClarinetMike

American clarinetist MICHAEL DEAN performs and teaches internationally and across the USA to consistent praise such as "world-class clarinetist and pedagogue," "consummate performer," "inspirational," "outstanding teacher," "super," "brilliant performer," and "one of the best clinicians I have ever seen." His career is headlined by appearances at Carnegie Hall, ClarinetFest, NACWPI, Eastman School of Music, and Royal Northern College of Music with recent recitals and master classes in Canada, Italy, Spain, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, Louisiana, and Texas. In July, he will again return to Vipiteno, Italy as Clarinet Artist Faculty in Residence at the international Orfeo Music Festival 2019. He is featured on 5 commercial CD's and on New Media, such as YouTube. He is currently preparing another new clarinet CD, Postcards from Silver Lake. Dr. Dean has given more than 500 clinics, master classes and performances at high schools, universities, conferences and other venues. For 11 years he was a clarinetist with the Paducah Symphony and he's also performed with the Southwest Symphony, Nevada Symphony, Abilene Philharmonic, Southeast Chamber Players, Red Mesa Trio, and Duo 35. His articles appear in journals such as Southwestern Musician, WINDPLAYER, NACWPI Journal and The Bandmasters' Review. As "ClarinetMike," he writes for his widely-viewed ClarinetMike Blog, the Internet’s #1 clarinet blog read in 150 countries on 6 continents: After a successful 25 years of teaching clarinet at the university level, he relocated to his native Texas due to family concerns. He is a past president and former National Board officer of the National Association of College Wind and Percussion Instructors (NACWPI). Dr. Michael Dean studied clarinet performance at Texas Tech University, University of Colorado at Boulder, University of Texas at Austin and University of Texas at Arlington. His teachers include Robert Walzel, Phil Aaholm, Carol Jessup, Jess Youngblood, and Bob Ackerman. His web page,, features video of his teaching and performing as well as information on his CD's and other publications. He is a BG France Performing Artist.
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