ClarinetMike’s Texas All-State Clarinet 2016-17 Pre-Prep and Resources: Rose 40 and 32 Etudes

Cyrille Rose in 1880

French Clarinetist Cyrille Rose in 1880

In a few weeks the etudes for this fall’s Texas All-State Band audition will be posted online. They will be posted HERE at noon on Wednesday, July 20, 2016. Back in April, TMEA posted the names of the all-state etude books from which the audition etudes would be selected – CLICK HERE.  Also posted in April was the All-State Band Etude Selection Committee – CLICK HERE. (ClarinetMike says, “Hats off to the great folks on the committee for all the hard work!”)

As listed at the link above, the 2016-17 Texas all-state etudes for soprano and low clarinets will be from Artistic Studies, Book 1 – From the French School, edited by David Hite and published by Southern Music. This is the same etude book that was used for last year’s all-state clarinet music. The etudes in this collection are by the famous 19th century French clarinetist and clarinet professor, Cyrille Rose.

I’m not privy to the criteria that the selection committee uses in selecting the etudes; however, there does seem to be at least a couple of things that are usually asked. First, there is a slow etude. This slow etude will be in a Romantic era style, since ALL Rose etudes are in a Romantic era style! Second, there is a featuring of fast articulation, staccato, etc. – in other words, “lots of hard tonguing.”


  1. Buy the official Artistic Studies book above and start working on some of the etudes. I suggest spending extra time working on slow etudes and ones that feature tonguing as mentioned above.
  2. Start collecting and working from some of the other editions of the Rose etudes mentioned below. (Teachers that especially means YOU!) When the the audition etudes are posted, you’ll be ready to compare the official etudes with other editions: I have found that some of the best places to look for ideas on how to play an etude, solo or any work of music are other editions of the same music.

Below is a list of editions of Rose etudes with comments. I have included a few versions of the Ferling studies as they are the basis for many of the Rose etudes. FYI, for a discussion of the Rose 32 Etudes, see HERE. I plan to update this list as needed once the official audition etudes are posted.

Texas All-State Clarinet Resources (Rose 40 and 32 Etudes)

Daniel Bonade, editor. Sixteen Phrasing Studies for Clarinet.  Kenosha, WI: Leblanc Pub., Inc., 1952. Legendary clarinet player and teacher who taught Mitchell Lurie, Robert Marcellus, and other leading clarinetists of his day: he also taught David Hite, the editor of the all-state etudes. These offers  phrasing and other help on the slow etudes from the Rose 32 Etudes. Available for free HERE.

Philippe Cuper, editor. 32 Etudes for Clarinet. [Paris?]: International Music Diffusion, 2011, with CD. Came across this edition on Gary Van Cott’s web site.  Here’s the blurb from his site: “This new edition of the 32 Rose Etudes is based on the original 1893 edition with some additions to the markings by the editor when they missing from the original. There are fewer markings than the editions edited by Warner. The printing in this edition, although very clean, has more white space between lines and is somewhat smaller than other editions. Now includes a CD of these etudes performed by Philippe Cuper.” Available HERE.

Franz Wilhelm Ferling. 48 Studies for Oboe, Op. 31. Braunschweig: J.P. Spehr, n.d.(ca.1835) Reprinted New York: Edwin F Kalmus, n.d. (after 1933). Catalog K.04121 (Citation from Early edition of Ferling studies. Available for free Here.

Franz Wilhelm Ferling. 48 Famous Studies for Oboe or Saxophone, Revised by Albert J. Andraud. San Antonio, TX Southern Music Co., 1958. This is also the book used for the saxophone all-state music.  Available at local music stores.

Franz Wilhelm Ferling. 48 Etudes pour tous les SAXOPHONES, Nouvelle edition par Marcel Mule [editor]. Paris: Leduc, 1946. Available HERE.

David Hite, editor. ARTISTIC STUDIES, Book 1 – From the French School for Clarinet. San Antonio, TX: Southern Music Co., 1986. This is the book used for this year’s Soprano and Low Clarinet all-state music. Students and teachers should purchase the book and not ONLY use copies. Also, in the back of the book is an important Glossary – a list of terms briefly explaining Hite’s numerous performance suggestions.  Available at local music stores.

Jean & David Hite, revisor and editor. Cyrille Rose FORTY STUDIES for ClarinetSan Antonio, TX: Southern Music Co., 2000. From Gary Van Cott’s web site: “In preparing this edition the editors have found many opportunities to enhance the studies by adhering to the original violin notation. This book also includes information on the composers of the original etudes for violin that Rose transcribed and chronology of etudes published between 1793 and 1884.” Available HERE.

Henry Larsen. The 32 Rose Studies: An Analysis and Study Guide. Avon, CT: Larsen Audiographics, 1998. Each of the 32 etudes (studies) is accompanied by extensive notes and suggestions. Available HERE.

Cyrille Rose. Thirty – Two Etudes for Clarinet. New York: Carl Fischer, 1913. The venerable edition many of us in the USA learned from. It is notorious for mistakes, so be careful. It is available free HERE.

Trente Deux Etudes de Rose d’apres Ferling. Revues, corrigees et annotees par Pierre Lefebvre. Paris: Leduc, 1946. French edition of the Rose 32 Etudes edited by Pierre Lefebvre. Available at some university libraries or use Interlibrary Loan – also check out WorldCat.

Melvin Warner, editor. The New Rose Studies for Clarinet. New York: Carl Fischer, 2002./2009, with CD. From Gary Van Cott’s web site: “In this new edition of the 32 Rose Etudes, the editor has drawn on various editions of the 32 Etudes and the Ferling 48 Etudes on which they are based.  He has corrected errors in time signatures, notes, articulations, etc. He has not added any breathing, tempo, or other markings not found in the originals. What is new in this edition is that it includes a CD with recordings of the piano accompaniments composed and performed by John Walker (as .mp3 files) and for the first time .pdf files of all of these piano parts. The recorded accompaniments are still available as a regular CD here. The old Carl Fischer edition (most recently with a white cover) has been discontinued.”  Available HERE.

NOTE: the above picture is in Public Domain and can be found HERE.

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4 Responses to ClarinetMike’s Texas All-State Clarinet 2016-17 Pre-Prep and Resources: Rose 40 and 32 Etudes

  1. Bonnie Sholl says:

    Hi Mike !   Thanks A Lot !   Have a Happy 4th  July !  I take all “Clarinet  Resources”  seriously.  I feel us Clarinetist/Teacher/Performers never stop learning……………….Cheers,  Bonnie Isbey Sholl  email:                                                               Mannes College of Music  (30 years)                                                                                                                    The  Lucy Moses School of Music/Dance                                                                                                                                                                  (17 years)                                                                                                                    Private Studio:  Over 40 years                                                                                                                    Dept. of Education:  NYC  Public Schools                                                                                                     


  2. says:

    Mike, Thx sooo much. I have the rose book and my teacher makes me use it on a regular basis. Great book and exercises.

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